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Teen Top Facts

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"Teen Top practiced their debut song “박수 (Clap)” for about 3-4 months before their debut."

"L.Joe’s stage name “L.Joe” is an abbreviation of his nickname in the US, Joe, and his real last name, Lee. Lee Joe, L. Joe!"

"To feel less stressed out with his busy schedule, Ricky says to “smile!”. He also takes vitamins every day and, most importantly, keeps in touch with his family."

"Ricky says Niel gave him the best impression out of the members when they first met. He says he gave off a feeling of being friendly and mischevious, which really caught Ricky’s attention."

"L.Joe’s ideal girl is his senior in school, 4Minute’s Hyuna. He doesn’t see her often at school but when they do, they greet each other."

"A month after Teen Top’s debut, when asked about who would be the popular member of Teen Top if they appeared on a show, Ricky answered “everybody is talkative, so if we go on a show, all of us will be popular!"

"C.A.P chose Eminem’s “When I’m Gone” as a, to him, memorable song. It was the first rap song he was exposed to in middle school."

"C.A.P started rapping in the first year of middle school."

"When Teen Top where guests on Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s radio, Changjo said his ideal girl is Narsha."

"If you put Chunji and Changjo’s names together, “chunji changjo”, it means “the creation of heavens and earth”."

"Since Ricky has the cute and lovely image in Teen Top, he ended up using Ricky as his stage name, as the name helps you imagine those things perfectly. His real name is Yu Changhyun."

"When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asks Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replies “two times my age…"

"At the filming of the music video for Supa Luv, when L.Joe and Ricky are introducing the location they’re at to a camera, C.A.P shouts “awkward!” in background."

"Changjo wants to thank the fans for supporting them day by day. C.A.P wants to thank every fan for always loving Teen Top and everyone registered on their Korean fancafé Andromeda."

"Since the fans keep on cheering for Teen Top enthusiastically no matter where they are, Changjo feels that Teen Top are getting more popular little by little."

"In Supa Luv lives, Ricky says since he’s too eager to bend his back to go even lower in his Matrix dance move, sometimes his feet get twisted."

"According to L.Joe, Teen Top’s charm is that they kind of sparkle. He says that even though they’re still young, they have charisma on stage."

"Ricky says the Teen Top hyungs treat him and Changjo really well."

"C.A.P thinks it’s bothersome to try to lead a group of younger kids at his young age. He finds it quite tiring."

"Chunji’s stage name means to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth."

"The only person using his real name as his stage name in Teen Top is Niel. Niel is short for Daniel, his first name."

"Niel says the lyrics to Supa Luv are about confessing to a girl commandingly. “There is no one like me who can give you a bigger love!"

"Seeing himself act out Hyunbin’s role in Teen Top’s parody of the drama Secret Garden, Ricky is so embarrassed he puts his fingers to his ears and looks away."

"L.Joe lived in California for 5 years."

"On the day of their last Supa Luv stage, Teen Top said they’ll come back soon. L.Joe said: “Also, we will.. Soon! We will come back coolly."

"Chunji’s ideal girl is Girls’ Generation’s Yuri. He thinks she’s very pretty."

"C.A.P says Shinhwa’s Andy taught them directly before entering the army, and he always supports Teen Top, so they always feel thankful and stronger."

"When he lived in America, L.Joe used his real name, Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him nicknamed him Joe."

"On Teen Top’s first ever radio appearance, DJ Narsha asks L.Joe to say a short greeting in English but he’s too nervous to go through with it."

"At the filming of the music video for Supa Luv, Ricky is wearing a vest despite the cold and refers to himself as a “healthy boy” while flexing his biceps."

"Ricky’s “lika s supa fantasy” dance move in Supa Luv is nicknamed the Matrix dance."

"Leader C.A.P says they will become a Teen Top who always gives us different images of themselves."

"The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”; rough and arrogant man dance."

"Niel describes Supa Luv as a song with a cold name but refined melody. He says it’s a dance song with a good beat."

"Meeting the fans personally, like at a fansign, makes Ricky happy."

"One of the members, usually leader C.A.P, says “start now” in English as cue for Teen Top’s introduction “hello, we’re emotional teen pop band, Teen Top!"

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